So  you finally have an impressive, fully functional website. Now what? For most websites, the initial launch is only the beginning. From there, almost all websites need to be updated regularly with new content or general improvements. This is what we in the biz refer to as “Content Management”.

Because time is such a precious commodity, most clients prefer to contact their web designer on a regular, or semi-regular basis to update and manage their websites for them at an hourly rate.

Other clients, however, want to be able to update and manage their sites on their own. For these clients, it’s important to understand that content management isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, especially those unfamiliar with coding or the back-end of a particular web platform like WordPress.

In order to help these clients educate themselves on how to manage their own websites, I’m constantly curating relevant tutorial videos that address common methods for updating websites. Although such tutorials are useful for most, many of my less tech-savvy clients will still require a video tutorial that is customized to their specific website. In these cases, many designers (including myself) will create a step-by-step screen video that thoroughly covers the actions required to make those specific updates. (Click here for a recent example:

All in all, it’s good to remain cognizant of the original purpose that your website intends to serve, which will vary based on the type of business you have. Because new websites are typically being made for brand new businesses, it’s often the case that clients will notice unexpected needs arising overtime. When those needs start to build, never hesitate to contact your designer for advice. Ideally, these follow-up interactions should focus on long-term solutions that will maximize all the benefits that your website has to offer.