Logos, branding and web design for Change On Purpose

Change On Purpose is a personal and professional coaching service run by Deborah Chin. Because the majority of her clients are younger, spiritually-minded professionals, we worked on striking an effective dynamic between professionalism, authenticity and Eastern philosophy.

The “hook” is the use of sacred geometry in the logo, combined with written copy that could seem somewhat corporate in any other context. This juxtaposition is intended to reassure potential clients that Ms. Chin’s practice is a serious, results-driven program that simply incorporates an Eastern worldview as a useful resource.

The result has lead to a substantial increase in her targeted demographic, while referrals from past clients have continued to sign up for her services.

“Mr. Freeman exceeded my expectations. He works in a very timely manner and is very responsive and communicative. He listened to my wants and needs and provided his professional perspective on what approach would make the most sense given my audience and resource constraints. He is creative, strategic, and knowledgeable. He provided very customized finished products that met my unique business needs. I highly recommend Mr. Freeman and have referred other professionals to him.”

Deborah Chin, M.A.

Founder, Change On Purpose