Brand Creation, Illustrations for Muffin® Tires



A recent innovation in the bicycle industry is the use of a chemical compound that makes “solid” tires that don’t require air.

The folks at Muffin® wanted to sell their tires through the use of fun, eccentric and unforgettable branding – something that their competitors were noticeably lacking.

The finished product was the result of a fun collaboration. Muffin gave me the awesome concept of a “retro, mad scientist, science fiction, tire factory”, while I cranked out colorful illustrations and a versatile logo.

“It is my sincere conviction that Mathew Freeman is a valuable creative force for any company. He’s managed to elevate our corporate branding aesthetic and maintain that image on every product label, print advertisement and email newsletter. Customers regularly praise our ever-changing website, our shopping bags and all of our signage.”

Michele Cohen

CEO, The Dog Bar, Inc.

Mathew Clay Freeman is an award winning artist & designer and founder of The Flying Head Creative Studio. He lives, works, and explores the wild grandeur of Hollywood, Florida.